marquise cut diamond ring

Diamonds are polished into various shapes to make them shine. The circular cut you often see is called the round brilliant cut, and the 58 facets reflect light and are said to shine the most.

Today I would like to introduce you to the make-up cut used on the arm of this ring.

It may not be a very familiar cut, but it has a shape similar to the sharpened tip of a rugby ball.

marquise cut diamond ring

The cut that was popular at the time was named the Marquise, in honor of Madame de Pompadour, who was favored by the 15th King of France and was given the title of Marquise. Louis XV also gifted his wife jewelry using this cut.

Now, this ring has a graphic form with the marquise cut set in the center stone and tapered baguettes on both sides. With DIALLURE's semi-custom order, you can intuitively choose such fresh combinations.

Of course, you are free to change the center stone to a round brilliant or other fancy shape, or change the number of carats. Please feel free to come and have a consultation at DIALLURE, where you can find your ideal diamond ring through intuitive ring selection.

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