Reliable lifetime warranty service

The concept of DIALLURE is "Life is with brilliance". In order to ensure that you will love our jewelry for a long time, we offer a lifetime warranty on the jewelry you purchase.

We handle various cases that require maintenance in daily life.

Please have your proof of purchase ready when contacting us.

*Please note that repairs or maintenance performed by another company will not be covered by the warranty.

Warranty details

ring size adjustment

We accept +-2 ring size adjustments. However, there are some items such as full eternity rings that cannot be resized. Please contact us for more information.

Size adjustments will be made free of charge within one year from the date of delivery.

resetting the stone

If you find a loose diamond, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you leave it loose, the diamond may come off.

If you lose the diamond, you will have to purchase the diamond again.

Additionally, stones can be refastened free of charge within 90 days of delivery.

Repair and replacement of jewelry parts

We repair and replace jewelry parts such as earrings and necklaces.

Please note that repairs within 90 days of delivery are free of charge.

cleaning the ring

If you order it once a year, it will maintain its beauty for a long time. You only have to pay the shipping fee, and the cleaning fee is free.

Rhodium plating on 18K white gold products

Because white gold is rhodium-plated, discoloration may occur over time. We can provide coating for a fee if you wish. Please inquire about the pricing.

However, it may be difficult to deal with discoloration caused by chemicals, etc. Please contact us for more information.

jewelry renovation

We accept renovations for items purchased at our store if you would like to change the design due to changes in your lifestyle or tastes.


We also offer a variety of other maintenance services. If you would like to request maintenance, please have your proof of purchase ready and contact customer service.