Introducing popular items for Valentine's Day gifts

In Japan, there is a unique custom of women giving chocolates to men, but in Europe and America it is normal for men to give flowers and jewelry to women.

The owner of our store has worked in Singapore and Hong Kong, and she said that on Valentine's Day, her husband would bring her flowers and presents to the office, making it a lively place.

Our store has customers from various nationalities, so we introduced popular items for Valentine's Day presents on Instagram Live.

The delivery time is usually 4 to 8 weeks, but if you are in a hurry, please contact us.

Here are the popular items for Valentine's Day gifts.

3rd place Claire SM U shape ring and Claire ML V shape ring

Tied for 3rd place Lilly baguette cut eternity ring

2nd place Jennie triple bezel necklace

1st place Airly tennis bracelet

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