Thoughts behind DIALLURE

DIALLURE offers a rich lineup of designs designed in American ateliers that fully exude the brilliance of diamonds.

In addition to the items listed on our website, our dedicated concierge can also provide consultation on custom-made items.

We hope you will be able to find the ideal jewelry to match the diversifying tastes and styles of women.

We also offer a lifetime warranty and accept consultations on remakes and maintenance as we wish to be a brand that people will cherish even as they grow older.

Shine comes with life. Please find your favorite item.

Strong commitment to diamonds

DIALLURE selects only the highest quality diamonds that are equal to or better than those of overseas high jewelers.

When it comes to natural diamonds, we only handle conflict-free diamonds that are peacefully mined according to the Kimberley Process.

We also carry lab-grown diamonds, which are attracting attention as diamonds for a new era from an ethical perspective. We will also join industry organizations and participate in responsible procurement and rule-making .

In addition to DIALLURE's quality guarantee for all diamond jewelry, the center stone also comes with a certificate from GIA or IGI, an internationally authoritative appraisal organization.

Media coverage record

source of value

Jewelry is produced in an American atelier that has produced many sophisticated fine jewelry over the years. On the other hand, aftercare and customer service are completed within Japan. We have a system in place so that you can cherish the jewelry you purchase for a lifetime.

We also reduce the cost of in-store samples by adopting a style in which we deliver the diamonds of your choice after receiving your order. We operate by reservation only for business meetings when you visit our store, reducing costs.

By eliminating middlemen as much as possible, we deliver beautiful diamond jewelry of the highest quality at affordable prices.