Only the highest quality diamonds

DIALLURE handles high-grade diamonds that are equivalent to or higher than those handled by overseas high jewelers.

On this page, we will explain the diamonds we handle based on the 4C evaluation criteria.

  • Carat

    A diamond's carat indicates its weight . You can use it as an indicator of the size when choosing the size of the diamond.

    DIALLURE's main lineup is diamond jewelry of 0.5 carat or larger, where you can fully enjoy the beautiful brilliance and presence of diamonds . We also accept sizes not listed on our website without any limit.

  • Cut

    As you can see from the image above, the grade of the cut is very important. Even if it is a Good grade diamond, its brilliance is clearly inferior. Of the 4C's, cut has the greatest effect on a diamond's brilliance .

    DIALLURE only carries triple-excellent engagement rings. We promise that it is the most beautiful and shining quality you can have.

  • Color

    It represents the color of a diamond, and colorless and transparent diamonds are said to be the most beautiful. They are sorted alphabetically from D to Z in order of transparency.

    DIALLURE carries engagement rings in DEF (colorless and transparent) , and fine jewelry in grades up to G (nearly colorless and transparent) .

  • Clarity

    This is an indicator of how many inclusions and blemishes there are in a diamond. At DIALLURE, we mainly deal with VS2 and above, whose inclusions are difficult to see even with a 10x magnifying glass .

    This is also an important indicator because if the clarity decreases, the brightness will be affected.

About the certificate

All center diamonds of 0.3 carats or larger handled by DIALLURE come with a certificate of authenticity.

In the world of diamonds, GIA appraisals are considered the most authoritative. At DIALLURE , we select natural diamonds whose quality has been recognized through strict GIA appraisals, just like high jewelers.

In addition, since GIA has not issued a full-grade report regarding lab-grown diamonds until recently, we will include a certificate from IGI, a Belgian company with the most established reputation for grading lab-grown diamonds .