The charm of fancy-shaped diamonds

Fancy-shaped diamonds are diamonds with a different shape or cut other than a circular, round brilliant cut.

These shapes vary from individual diamond to individual diamond and have their own beauty and personality. Below, we will introduce common fancy-shaped diamonds in order.


  1. Radiant Cut : A type of fancy-shaped diamond that has a square or rectangular shape. This shape has an appearance that is a combination of an emerald cut and a cushion cut.

  2. Princess cut : Square in shape with pointed corners and pyramidal cross section. Its sharp corners and many small facets reflect light effectively, creating a beautiful shine.

  3. Cushion cut : A rectangular shape with soft rounded corners. The brilliant cut style has many small facets placed throughout, allowing the diamond to effectively reflect light and create a beautiful shine.

  4. Asscher cut : Square in shape and characterized by cut corners. It has a classic look and a vintage feel.

  5. Heart Cut : As the name suggests, the diamond is cut into the shape of a heart. The design is romantic and has a special meaning.

  6. Marquise Cut : Long, oval shape with pointed ends. Setting it vertically has the effect of making your fingers look longer.

  7. Oval cut : It has an oval shape, and like the round brilliant cut, it has many facets, giving it an attractive shine. Due to its elegant shape, it is popular as a diamond with a romantic and feminine design.

  8. Emerald Cut : It has a unique appearance with a rectangular shape and truncated corners. Diamonds are generally valued for their brilliance, but the emerald cut is attractive for its clear transparency. Since inclusions are easily noticeable, it is necessary to choose one with a particularly high clarity.

  9. Baguette cut : Usually similar to the emerald cut, it has a wide table (top) and a linear appearance with few facets. It is often cut into a trapezoid and used as a side stone.

      10. Pear cut : This pear-shaped cut is popular for its elegant look. It resembles the shape of a teardrop, and its asymmetrical design, with one side round and the other pointed, is unique and is popular as a diamond with a romantic appeal.

Diamonds come in a variety of fancy shapes that give your jewelry a unique and individual look, allowing you to create a design that stands out from the crowd.

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