We held an event at our showroom.

For three days from August 27th, we held a networking event inviting jewelry owners and people connected to our salon.

Today I would like to introduce you to the first part of the first day.

The first part is related to DRESSPORTER , a wedding dress salon in Omotesando run by the founder of DIALLURE, and we invite brides who are interested in DIALLURE to learn about the differences between natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds, and to learn about the differences between natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. You saw the custom ring.

There is a lot of content that participants can relate to, such as choosing a ring and choosing a wedding venue. Although it was the first time for the participants to meet each other, they had something in common, such as having gotten married at the Grand Hyatt, and the conversation was very lively.

Also, everyone was impressed by the sparkle of the lab-grown diamonds they saw for the first time.

lab grown diamond

DIALLURE aims to be a brand that connects with customers throughout their lives through diamond jewelry, based on the concept of ``Life is with brilliance.''

In the future, we would like to plan anniversary events where people can learn about the appeal of diamond jewelry through engagement rings, and where they can go out with their partners, as well as parties where jewelry owners can connect. Masu.

This was the first event we held, and we were relieved that it was very well received over the three days.

The catering on the first day was vegan food from FLOW TOKYO, which was based on the brand's purple theme.

Catering is prepared to match the image color of DIALLURE.

We also prepared a bouquet from DELIGENCE PARLOR from Omotesando Hills as a souvenir.

This bouquet comes in a variety of colors, inspired by DIALLURE's semi-custom rings that you can choose according to your personality.

Group photo of all participants

I look forward to seeing you again next time ^^

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