What is GIA, a diamond appraisal agency?

There are many diamond appraisal agencies, but GIA is considered to be the most authoritative in the world. GIA is also the institution that created the 4Cs, which are the criteria for evaluating diamonds.

GIA is an internationally recognized diamond grading organization

Especially in the diamond resale market, reports issued by Japanese appraisal organizations do not provide an evaluation, so if you are looking for asset value, it is safe to purchase one with a GIA certificate.

All DIALLURE natural diamond center stones come with a GIA diamond certificate.

What are the 4C handling standards for engagement rings?
Carat 0.3 carat or more
Color DEF
Clarity VS2 or higher
Cut 3Excellent

At DIALLURE, we provide diamonds of a standard that matches or exceeds that of high jewelers, but by cutting out the middleman, we are able to offer you the highest quality jewelry at a reasonable price.

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