Recommended for busy people or those who live far away Online ring consultation process

Recently, we have been receiving more inquiries from people who live in rural areas, and we are now offering ring customization services online.

When we delivered the product, they were very happy, but some customers said that at first they couldn't imagine what the experience would be like, and that the hurdles for applying were a bit high.

Therefore, today I would like to explain the process from online counseling to delivery in an easy-to-understand manner.

  1. Counseling day
    Our concierge will talk to you online using LINE, Zoom, or Google Meet. Counseling time will be approximately 1 hour.
    We will ask you specifically about the item you want to get and your budget, and then we will give you a concrete idea of ​​the item you want to get. We will also provide detailed explanations to customers who do not know much about diamonds.
    online counseling

  2. design proposal
    After the first consultation, we will provide you with an estimate and design proposal within two business days.
    Ring design customization proposal

  3. Second counseling and diamond confirmation
    If you like the design, we will conduct a second consultation. After deciding on the direction, we will decide on detailed specifications. You can also check the image of the diamond at this time.
    For those who are concerned about proceeding through online communication alone, we also offer a service where you can check the shape using a silver sample (fees may apply depending on the item. Please contact us for details).

  4. Once payment specifications are decided, we will send you an invoice and pay online. For engagement rings, we also accept 50% advance payment at the time of ordering and the remaining 50% payment in installments before delivery.

  5. Production
    Manufactured in an American atelier.

  6. delivery of materials
    Once the design is finalized and production begins, it will arrive within 6-8 weeks. Please note that domestic shipping charges are free.

How was it? Most of our customers are looking for their ideal diamond jewelry, but cannot find it at domestic jewelry salons, so they search for it and end up at our store. We hope that people in areas without showrooms will be able to experience the brilliance of these beautiful, large diamonds.

Of course, there is no problem even if it is still in the consideration stage. Please feel free to apply for online counseling.

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