What is the charm of pavé that shines? Explaining the charm and points to be aware of before purchasing!

pave ring

If you're considering purchasing diamond jewelry, you've probably heard of "pave."

Even if you can somehow imagine a design, what kind of design is it in the first place? Many people may not know about its charm and the points to be careful about when handling it.

This time, I will explain the charm of pave in an easy-to-understand way. We will also explain the differences from Mele Diamond, so please take a look.

1 What is Pave Diamond?
1.1 Design
1.2 Pave and Mele Diamond
2 Attractions and points to be aware of before purchasing
2.1 The charm of pave
2.2 Points to keep in mind when wearing pave jewelry
3 Summary

1 What is pave?

1.1 Design

Pavé is a type of jewelry design that is decorated with gemstones or diamonds. Pavé means "paved" in French, and pavé refers to a design in which diamonds are set closely on the surface of a piece of jewelry.

1.2 Pave and Mele Diamond

Mele diamonds make up the pavé design. Mele diamonds are small diamonds less than 0.2 carats. Pave design jewelry is completed by laying the melee diamonds like a cobblestone. Pavé is distributed evenly across the surface of the jewelry and is used in a variety of jewelry items, such as the band of a ring, the frame of a pendant, and the decoration of earrings.

2 Charms and points to be aware of before purchasing pave design jewelry

2.1 The charm and glamor of pave diamonds

Pavé is made up of a large number of small diamonds, which reflect more light, giving it a brighter, more glamorous look.

  • Diversity in design

Pave designs are very versatile and can be applied to a variety of jewelry items such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. It can also be combined with other gemstones, increasing the possibility of finding your favorite design.

  • affordable price

Rather than purchasing a single large diamond, you may be able to get a pavé diamond with the same brilliance at a more affordable price, so consider it if you are unsure about your budget.

2.2 Points to keep in mind when purchasing pave diamonds

  • maintenance required

Pave settings are packed with many small diamonds, so there is a risk that the stones may loosen and fall. Regular inspection and maintenance are required.

jewelry cleaning

  • Risk of damage

Pave diamond settings increase the risk of damage from impact and friction because the diamonds are very close together.

  • difficult to care for

Pave settings can be difficult to clean as they have many small gaps and grooves. You will need to use a special small brush or jewelry cleaner.

3 Summary

Although pavé diamonds are popular for their brilliance and aesthetic design , it's important to understand that they require maintenance and are at risk of damage .

When purchasing, be sure to purchase from a reliable shop that not only looks at the design and price, but also provides maintenance and after-sales follow-up. By doing so, you can wear your favorite pavé diamond jewelry on a daily basis and love it for a long time.

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