What is an artificial diamond (synthetic diamond)?

Artificial diamonds (synthetic diamonds) are real diamonds that are made in a laboratory and are called "lab-grown diamonds" in Japan.

It has virtually the same chemical composition, crystal structure, and physical properties as natural diamond.

GIA, the world's leading grading agency, has officially announced that these are genuine diamonds.

However, there is a price difference from natural diamonds, and the jewelry industry recognizes that it is necessary to strictly draw a line when handling diamonds.

DIALLURE belongs to an industry organization and handles natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds separately in accordance with the rules.

For example, imitation stones such as moissanite and zirconia are imitations of diamonds, and are easy to tell apart as they have different brilliance and beauty.

However, synthetic diamonds are difficult to identify based on their appearance, even for experienced appraisers.

Therefore, consumers are required to be more careful than ever before when purchasing diamond jewelry, to prevent companies from selling artificial diamonds passing them off as natural diamonds.

We jewelers are also required to have a higher level of ethical awareness and reliability than ever before.