Diamond Evaluation Standard 4C - About Cut

When choosing a diamond, it is often difficult to know what to prioritize.

In this blog, DIALLURE's diamond concierge will give a lecture on the information you need to know before choosing diamond jewelry.

Please feel free to use this as a reference.

Well, have you ever heard of the 4Cs of diamonds?

This is the first important keyword you will encounter when looking for diamond jewelry.

This comes from the fact that the initial letters of the four important items when considering diamond evaluation standards are the four C's.

These four Cs, specifically

It consists of Carat.

Today I will first explain about Cut.

Diamonds are originally non-shining stones. Diamonds are cut using the skills of craftsmen and transformed into sparkling diamonds.

The cut rating on the certificate applies to round brilliant cuts.

Round Brilliant has 58 facets, each of which reflects light, creating the ultimate in sparkle.

Of the 4Cs, carat is the weight of the diamond and does not affect the quality of the diamond itself. For this reason, we select high-quality diamonds by prioritizing carat, clarity, and color.

When it comes to round brilliant cut diamonds, we recommend that cut is your primary consideration.

This is because a diamond that is not cut well will have less reflection and less shine.

No matter how clear and colorless the color is, it will be ruined if the shine fades. Let's choose the cut as the top priority.

Diamond cut comparison

As shown in the image above, even if you compare the Excellent cut, which is the best cut, with the Good cut, you can clearly see an effect on the shine. If you are particularly particular about the quality of shine, be sure to select an excellent cut.

For this reason, DIALLURE only sells excellent center stones for engagement rings. Please come and see the brilliance of our excellent cuts.

This evaluation standard applies to lab-grown diamonds as well as natural diamonds.

In addition to this, I think you often hear the expression "triple excellent" when it comes to cuts. I will talk about this another time.

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