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Emma Half Eternity Ring 0.5ct /1.0ct/2.0ct

Emma Half Eternity Ring 0.5ct /1.0ct/2.0ct

Eternity rings are elegant, high-quality rings inspired by the iconic ring of eternity design.

You can choose the sparkling ring that is perfect for you from the 2mm/3mm/3.5mm width options.

Half eternity is a style in which mele diamonds are scattered around half the circumference. If the size needs to be resized over time, it can be resized by +-2 sizes.

The sparkling cut diamonds give off a dazzling light in your hands. Perfect as a wedding ring, a treat for yourself, or as a gift .

᛫ Diamond quality:
Color F (colorless and transparent)
clarity VS2 (difficult to confirm inclusions even with a 10x magnifying glass)
Excellent cut equivalent

*For 3.5mm wide natural diamonds, we require a quote.

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Diamond jewelry is made to order. Delivery time is usually 6 to 8 weeks.

Certificate of authenticity

For engagement rings: For center diamonds of 0.3 carats or more each, we will include a certificate of authenticity issued by GIA or IGI, a global appraisal agency.

Other Jewelry: Center diamonds weighing 0.5 carats or more will come with a certificate issued by the world-renowned appraisal agency GIA or IGI.

For products that do not have a certificate of authenticity, we will include a quality guarantee card issued by our store.

lifetime warranty

We provide lifelong services such as cleaning, resizing, straightening, and restoring stones to ensure that your jewelry lasts a long time. Click here for details.

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