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[Rental item] Ring gauge for measuring ring size (3 nights, 4 days, free round trip shipping)

[Rental item] Ring gauge for measuring ring size (3 nights, 4 days, free round trip shipping)

If you are unsure of your ring size or would like to re-measure it just to be sure, please apply for this ring gauge and measure your ring size before proceeding to purchase the ring.

Due to the specifications of the shopping cart, you will be asked to proceed to the purchase page, but since both the product price and shipping are free, the payment will be 0 yen .

Please note that we can also alter the ring size, but due to the structure of a full eternity ring with diamonds inlaid all around, we cannot accept alterations.

After use, please return the item using the cash on delivery slip.

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ダイヤモンド:地中から採掘されるいわゆる天然のダイヤモンド。DIALLUR E では国際的な枠組みであるキンバリープロセスに準じた紛争フリーダイヤモンドを取り扱い



Diamond jewelry is made to order. Delivery time is usually 6 to 8 weeks.

Certificate of authenticity

For engagement rings: For center diamonds of 0.3 carats or more each, we will include a certificate of authenticity issued by GIA or IGI, a global appraisal agency.

Other Jewelry: Center diamonds weighing 0.5 carats or more will come with a certificate issued by the world-renowned appraisal agency GIA or IGI.

For products that do not have a certificate of authenticity, we will include a quality guarantee card issued by our store.

lifetime warranty

We provide lifelong services such as cleaning, resizing, straightening, and restoring stones to ensure that your jewelry lasts a long time. Click here for details.

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